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Fridge Repair Los Angeles

Fridge Repair in Los AngelesYour refrigerator is one household appliance that you probably rarely think about. It sits in your kitchen, quietly performing its essential task of keeping your food cold. However, when the fridge breaks down, it quickly becomes a major issue as you contemplate the costly groceries slowly spoiling in your fridge and the steady drip of melt water onto your custom-designed hardwood floors. When your fridge is not working correctly, you need a reputable company that provides fridge repair in Los Angeles. AM PM Appliance Repair seeks to be your first choice for all of your fridge repair needs.

AM PM Appliance repair is your best option for fridge repair in Los Angeles because we strive to act quickly when you need us. Our competitors can make you wait days for an appointment, or even longer if your refrigerator is a model for which they do not have the correct parts on hand. In the meantime, you are faced with being forced to eat out for most of your meals and wasting hundreds of dollars in food. AM PM Appliance repair offers same day appointments whenever possible, and our technicians carry almost every part they could ever need on their trucks, allowing them to repair your fridge on the spot while you wait. Emergency appointments are available 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Fridge Repair in Los Angeles

When you need fridge repair in Los Angeles, your next consideration is the skill level and courtesy of the technicians. Our service personnel are well-versed in the repair of almost every major brand of refrigerator, allowing them to work quickly and without wasting time consulting a reference or another technician. In addition, our technicians will respect your home and make an effort to work quickly and with as little mess as possible to avoid disrupting your household.

Cost is also a concern for many home owners. We charge just $45 for a service call, including a professional evaluation of the problem from one of our skilled technicians. If you choose to allow us to complete the repairs, that cost is waived and you just pay our reasonable rates for parts and labor.

We strive to be your first choice for fridge repair in Los Angeles by providing fast, affordable, and reliable service. Call AM PM Appliance Repair, or request a service call online. Experience for yourself the difference that fast, efficient service from skilled technicians can make.