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Los Angeles Fridge RepairWhen you think of repairs, your first thoughts are probably of your car or your home, because these repairs are expected over time. However, most homeowners count on their refrigerator to continue operating efficiently year after year. Unfortunately, just like your car or your air conditioner, fridges do have limited life spans before something begins to go wrong. When your fridge stops working or develops a problem, you need a Los Angeles fridge repair company that can respond quickly, preventing food spoilage or even water damage to your hardwood flooring from dripping melt water. AM PM Appliance Repair is your premiere fridge repair company.

AM PM Appliance repair is your fast, reliable Los Angeles fridge repair company. Our technicians are available seven days per week, 24 hours per day to allow us to respond quickly when your fridge develops a problem. This rapid response can save you hundreds of dollars in spoiled food and prevent thousands of dollars in damage to your flooring. In many cases, we offer same day appointments. Alternatively, set up an appointment for a time that suits your busy schedule.

Our repair technicians are what make us your preferred Los Angeles fridge repair company. They are well versed on the repair and maintenance of most models of refrigerators, and they carry most parts they need to repair your fridge with them on their trucks. This easy access to parts allows the technicians to work efficiently, without having to order parts or return to the shop to retrieve what they need. We strive to complete your repairs on the spot, getting your fridge back in service quickly and with minimal disruption to your home and to your routine.

Each service call cost just $45, which our technicians will waive if you contract with us to complete the repairs. Call today or schedule your appointment online to find out firsthand why AM PM Appliance Repair is your best choice for a Los Angeles fridge repair company.